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The numbers reading eye-camera system may be user installed, right out of the box on any standard roulette table and Display.


  • Using the camera allows you to reduce the time of reading the number to 1 second

  • The Reader placed on the wheel rim is much more expensive than our USB reading camera;

  • If it breaks down  - the camera can be obtained the next day from the online store, in contrast to other technical solutions of our competitors;

  • No need to purchase expensive laser roulette wheels with built in sensors

  • The camera can be installed on the Display from the top, side or even on the bottom of the Display;

  • The camera works with all types of roulette wheels;

  • The camera reading software allows you to organize the output of the data to mobile application, or any other third-party programs.


Works with all laser wheels on the market
Easy out of the box installation. Remote eye-camera adjustment. No need for engineers coming.