Progressive Jackpot for Live Tables
CMS Jackpot Progressive system of side bets, placed by the players aiming to get the prize - Jackpot.
You can program screen effects and text with jackpot data to flow over the custom animations on each of the displays. This system creates a dazzling effect that keeps the casino players coming back, time and time again.

   CMS Progressive unique features:
  • Easy to install on any gaming table
  • The game controllers are hidden under the table and due to the compact size do not spoil the table design
  • Before the cards are dealt the chips are taken by the dealer and put into the float tray.
  • The staff log in to the table is controlled by fast and easy fingerprint recognition
  • The value of the chip is shown on the sensor control
  • Water resistance and reliability of all sensors
  • Easy replacement of the broken sensor
  • User-friendly interface and comfortable touch screen control monitor
  • Easy replacement of layout
  • Wheel of Fortune game inside of each game
  • Works on all card games (click to see the details)
See the Brochure:
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"Wheel of Fortune" has a specific Jackpot that has a higher hit frequency then the main Progressive Jackpot.

For taking part in this additional jackpot, the player will place a side bet in addition to their jackpot bet. After the bet is accepted the blue light is ON - the sensor showing to the player that he’s in the "WF" game. (please refer to additional pictures)

If the player’s card matches with the card on the "WF" screen - he pulls the virtual handle on the screen. On the second level player could win entire "WF" Jackpot amount.

"Wheel of Fortune" feature is a fun elements for the players with visual and audio stimulus for the players. 


This is the additional random prize that a player may win with a prize level to be determined by the operator. It works in- between minimum and maximum amounts. (see sample picture)

The winning prize will be in this range, as shown in the sample picture (between 100-500 dollars)


The operator will determine the % from the players progressive bet that will be passed on to the Mystery Jackpot prize. When a player hits the Mystery Jackpot, the system will play music and show animation on the table monitors (please refer the video on the left side).

This creates suspense as the bet sensors flash in sequence and  land on the chosen lucky player -very player feels the chance to win!