CMS system provides an effective and stable operation of casino, allows you to monitor and analyze the work of all casino, for any period of time, professionally manage the staff. Full control over all cash transactions and financial reporting, the work of each employee, show visitors player tracking history for any period of time, providing all the necessary reports for managers. The system allows you to collect and analyze all necessary statistical data. Full range Cash desc balancing and reports.

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Cash Desk


The module provides the full registration and control of all cash flow, reports about casino operations and balances of all kinds of operations used in a casino. Electronic cash allows controlling all the cash operations per any period of time. The module provides registration of all operations on slot machines.

Casino Manager


The module allows monitoring and making analysis of all accumulated data. It works in real time with the other users of the programs. This program allows getting statistic and analytic information about casino visitors and staff, viewing the player-tracking information. Automatically making graphs by visits, results of a player. Getting information of players’ drop from “Cash Desk” module. Reports readout by players’ visits, results, etc.

CMS – Player Tracking


The program allows entering and monitoring results of games of casino visitors in real time. It gives possibility to view a player’s data (result of games, drop, false drop, average rate) and has close integration with the ‘Cash Desk’ module for collection and analysis all the financial information about a player as well as an option to view the diagrams, photo-gallery search.

Table Tracking


The system allows automatically fix results of all the gaming tables as well as automatically indicates "fills" and "credits", entered the cash desk program, and register the distribution of staff at gaming tables (Break List).

CMS – Reception


It is a special module, giving solutions to multilateral problems, connected with registration on casino visits, searching the clients, documents scanning, issuing ID cards, access restriction by age, registration by the recommendation. "Reception" includes: USB camera, magnetic/NFC card reader.