Roulette De Luxe Displays

Roulette Standard Displays


CMS Multimedia electronic display is the latest development in company’s line of Casino products. The display is multifunctional with the winning number shown by a simulated roulette wheel.


A separate area displays the last 10 or 18 numbers, statistics for even/odd, black/red numbers, dozens and hot/cool numbers.

In addition real time Television and Video playback is possible, via Picture in Picture function, which will allow customers to advertise and broadcast live events.

A user programmable scrolling message line is also included making this one of the most versatile displays on the market.


The CMS DeLuxe screen is housed in a shining plastic case, which allows 90 degree rotation, and easy Up/Down adjustment. A dual side display version is also available, as well CMS can supply 24, 27, 29, 32 inch displays.


In addition high quality stereo sound is available.

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