Card Tables De Luxe Displays

Card Tables Standard Displays


CMS card table display available in portrait orientation. Showing Baccarat game results, any multimedia information, or displaying progressive game and side-bet jackpots, casino events and date triggered content.

Baccarat Macau Style statistics show dealt cards, win combinations, predictions, «Main Road» history, «Big Eye», «Cockroach Road» history etc.

The stunning Full DH and 4K quality graphics create a unique media display with the most features on the market today. All designs and animation collection of skins are customized to suit any casino branding decor and logo.

                                   Let your players view football or casino lotteries in real-time!

Real time Television, Video files, advertise, playback is possible via Picture in Picture function, which will allow casinos to advertise and broadcast live events.

Transfer signal via standard computer network cable. Stream video real time from any source.