Works on ALL live games!

Blackjack Progressive

Blackjack Progressive Jackpot is based on combination of sevens, with the ultimate Jackpot prize hand being 777 Spades.

Russian Poker Progressive

RUSSIAN POKER jackpot is based on the first five cards dealt to each player. Much the same as Caribbean Poker Progressive. (see the paytable)

3-D Full HD and 4K graphics collection (constantly updated with new videos) / Custom design screen background.

Baccarat Progressive

BACCARAT Progressive may be based on either the combination of 8`s or an alternative combination of a poker style hand.

All winning combinations are based upon both Player and Banker cards combined - this means the first four cards pulled from the Baccarat shoe.

(see the paytable)

Texas Poker Progressive

TEXAS progressive

Oasis Poker Progressive

- The casino can put any promotional video on our system. More of this - you can setup how many times

      in a day or hour it will go out, and what priority of this video in front of another video.

     - The dealer has a dialogue window of input PIN code for confirmation of the winning.

     Pit Boss makes confirmation with his PIN code. (If the player doesn’t have any winning combination

     the dealer will do nothing)

6 Card Poker Progressive

Brightness of the table, blinking boxes and the music which accompany the winning combinations will create an atmosphere of a holiday and will raise interest of casino visitors to the tables equipped with CMS Progressive.


Before the game begins sensors shine green color. This is an invitation to make bets.

If the client decides to bets on Jack Pot, he should put the chip on a sensor before the game begins. The sensor will change colour on red indicating bet acceptance and also will display the value of placed chips.

When winning combination take place during the game, the winner`s sensor start to blink until the dealer makes payout.

The sensors are installed on gaming tables, colour of sensors changes indicating bet acceptance and also displays the value of placed chips, the beginning or the end of game.

For the player CMS Progressive system is luminous or blinking sensor on which he can make the side bet and the monitor which displays changes of current Jackpot and winning combinations.

 Latest technology used in unique sensors ( work in any temperature, break resistant glass, water resistant, simple (80 mm hall)  to install, easy to change table layouts)